Yerevan residents don’t believe, there is no new government (video)

For Yerevan residents Hovik Abrahamyan’s government has no difference from Tigran Sargsyan’s government.

Yerevan residents don’t believe, there is no new government, they only play political tricks on the people.

Wait, calls the NA vice president Eduard Sharmazanov, you don’t know new projects of Hovik Abrahamyan’s government, “I call to wait for government project introduction in the RA NA.”

Galust Sahakyan says that he likes Hovik Abrahamyan’s Government and if we are attentive, we will also like it, “I know everybody, I know their abilities, and it is clear that the Government gives operative solutions to any issue.”

The husband of Police head’s daughter, boxing federation head and HHK deputy Arthur Gevorgyan warn that the government isn’t a beautiful woman to like or not.

The deputy also suggests waiting so that he can estimate the former government and to see how Hovik Abrahamyan’s government works, “Some time will pass, and we will compare whether it is success or not.”

Hamlet Harutyunyan doesn’t understand what our people want, “They demand Prime Minister’s change, then we change Prime Minister, they say that nothing is changed, whom else can we change?”

The deputy isn’t interested who were deprived of the positions, he reminds that there are changes, and finally the Government has come, which will stop the migration.