“Brotherhood” atmosphere in ballet group: Rudolf Kharatyan (video)

Art of dancing is an airplane, it must have a powerful engine to fly. Says country’s former general ballet master Rudolf Kharatyan, “If you draw an eagle on the airplane, it won’t fly, engine is needed, a powerful mechanism. The dancers must train so much that they can have that mechanism.”

Today is International Dance Day, Rudolf Kharatyan spoke about Armenian dance art, particularly about ballet problems and drawbacks. According to the ballet master, ballet has potential in Armenia, it only needs hard work for good results, “When you look at Armenia from afar, it is a little spot on the map, which has difficulty to find its place, it is always forced what to do, the same is ballet.”

Rudolf Kharatyan claims that ballet dancer must be cut off the household, he must forget everything when enters theatre.

Ballet is our spiritual power, says Mr. Kharatyan and compares it with the RA Armed Forces, “The power of our country is formed, it is powerful and ensures our security, and ballet is our spiritual power, it also must be formed. Ballet is the power, which can be presented to the world without the need for translation.”

Today Rudolf Kharatyan assured that he will continue working as always. “Twice a year I leave for the USA to give master classes, I am a part of the ballet family and I also wanted Armenia to make a part of it. Alas, it wasn’t success. I regret for ours. We don’t have order, they say, it will be done and this much.” According to him, today there is “brotherhood” atmosphere in the ballet group, which is only a sign of weakness.”