NA delegation in China

On April 21-25, RA national Assembly Foreign relations standing committee delegation visited China with the invitation of China National representatives’ pan- Chinese council foreign relations committee.

Within the frames of the meeting RA NA delegation met National representatives’ pan- Chinese council foreign relations standing committee vice President Mrs. Zhao Shaokhua and her delegation members, Chinese Communist party central committee international department Deputy Head Zhou Li, as well as Chinese Foreign Affairs deputy Minister Mr. Lee Baodun.

During the visit the delegation visited Chinese Southern Tsziansu region, where it met Nankin Deputy Mayor Mrs. Khua Tszin and her delegation members, as well as Tsziansu region national representatives’ council vice president Mr. Gun Pisian and his delegation members.

On April 23, RA NA delegation head Artak Zakaryan made his speech at China National representatives’ pan- Chinese council turning to Armenian-Chinese inter- parliamentary relations, as well as political, economic, humanitarian, educational and other spheres relations.

During the meetings economic cooperation, interregional partnership and humanitarian sphere related projects and initiatives were discussed.

On April 24 the delegation laid flowers and paid tribute of memory in Nankin Memorial.

With Best Regards,

RA NA Foreign relations standing committee