Public Environmental Alliance addresses message to the National Academy of Sciences on Sevan issue

Public Environmental Alliance has addressed a message to the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia on Lake Sevan, EcoLur reports.

The message says,

“Message to Scientific Mind Holders

National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

At the annual meeting on National Academy of Sciences on 23.04.2014 Academician Ruben Jrbashyan opposed to the governmental resolution as of 30 January on large volumes of water outlet from Lake Sevan and outlined that Lake Sevan is not only an environmental object, but also a political, strategic and survival object for the people.

We – a number of NGOs of Public Environmental Alliance and individuals, where the current and ex researcher in natural and other sciences of NAS RA makes up significant number, completely share Academician Ruben Jrbashyan’s concerns about 240 million cubic meters water outlets from Lake Sevan for duration of five years.

We would like to thank Mr. Jrbashyan, for including this most important issue into your speech and for raising it from the academic chair.

We highly appreciate the scientist’s opinion that National Academy of Sciences is competent and must have a decision position in this issue, when we speak about the fate of Lake Sevan, which is the same as the future of all Armenia.

We call for all the research organizations of NAS RA to join and to study this issue comprehensively, to assess probable risks and to demonstrate a scientific approach.

Today the world needs conservation of clean water more than ever. Armenia has a chance to become the first in the region among countries with freshwater lake and to put this factor among economic development issues.