Armenian and Russian composers start cooperation (video)

On April 27 and 28, at the Chamber Music Hall in Yerevan, Russian and Armenian young composers will present to Armenian audience their joint works.

“This is the first cooperation between Armenian and Russian composers in the history of independent Armenia,” Ashot Ghazaryan, Chairman of the Armenian Composers’ Union, said on April 28.

He says the cooperation can be continuous and will support young composers.

“This collaboration is unique in the sense that it will enable young composers of both countries to present their woks in Armenia and Russia,” said Mr   Ghazaryan.

Yaroslav Sodilovskiy, Chairman of the Russian Young Composers’ Union, also stressed the cooperation and expressed a desire to continue it in the future. “I would like young composers of the formers USSR countries to know each other and work together. Such cooperation is of great significance for us – young composers. Eventually, they give us an opportunity to communicate with each other and know the culture of these countries.”

Armenian composers will perform in Russia in autumn.