Country of Law Party votes for draft bill introduced by opposition factions

With a vote 51 to 62, the National Assembly today voted against the opposition’s bill to create an ad hoc committee to study the use of surveillance video cameras and red lines.

Before that head of the Heritage faction Ruben Hakobyan asked for a 20-minute break to discuss the matter with other factions. He said the four forces even agreed to postpone the creation of the committee by September.

After the recession, Head of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, (HHK) Galust Sahakyan said they would vote against the bill. Levon Zurabyan, Head of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) faction, announced that if the HHK agreed to vote for the draft bill, it would mean the party was expressing distrust in its government.

Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), Naira Zohrabyan, said they agreed to compromise and organize parliamentary hearings with the hope to find a solution to the problem.  “However, nothing has changed. We are going to vote for the bill.”

Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun), Armen Rustamyan found the compromise quite logical and said they would vote for the creation of an ad hoc committee. “Mr Sharmazanov, I think you are violating the agenda by putting the bill to the vote immediately after the recession.”

There has been no violation,” said vice-chairman of the National Assembly Eduard Sharmazanov. He assured the opposition MPs that they are willing to discuss the matter with the Government’s working group.

Let us mention that the Country of Law (OEK) also voted for the initiative.