Protest action in front of Armenian Parliament

Armenian Parliament today will   proceed to the second reading of a bill that implies 40 percent of water release from Lake Sevan.

SOS Sevan initiative is holding a protest outside the National Assembly calling MPs to vote against the bill on introducing amendments to the RA Law on Approval of Overall and Annual Plans of Restoration, Reservation, Reproduction and Usage of Ecosystems of Lake Sevan.

Talking to A1+, environmentalist Silva Adamyan said if the draft bill is passed, Armenia will lose Sevan, which is of strategic importance in the region.

Anahit Gevorgyan, one of the participants of today’s protest action, said they will be deprived of their daily bred if fishponds are built on the lake as foreseen by the project.

Levon Galstyan, a member of the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, says the release of water is beneficial to several oligarchs who have fishponds in Ararat Valley, as well as the owners of coastal recreation areas.

The protesters were carrying posters “Sevan is thirsty,” “We are not going to surrender Sevan.”