Aram MP3 will leave for Copenhagen tomorrow (video)

“Eurovision 2014” song contest Armenian representative Aram MP3 leaves for Copenhagen tomorrow.

Aram will perform during the first semi-final on May 6 under first number.

Today before leaving Aram MP3 met Armenian journalists. He about promo-tours started on March 25, “I have had 17-18 concerts. Armenians met very well, with positive impressions, I came to Armenia in positive mood,”- said Aram.

According to him, he is impatiently waiting for leaving for Copenhagen, “I am in high spirits, attitude- Eurovision.”

Aram MP3 informed that he will be alone on the stage and also noted that many variants have been developed.

There will be lighting, modern graphical effects and solutions.

Aram MP3’s first rehearsal will be on April 28. Our delegation will be the first to arrive at Copenhagen. “Eurovision 2014” song contest Armenian delegation head Gohar Gasparyan added that our delegation will be the biggest.

She also informed that soon remix version of Aram MP3’s song “Not Alone” will be presented.