“Lake Sevan is not a water basin, God created it”

Lake Sevan is endangered. Today announced ecologist Gagik Sukhudyan.

Turning to the annual 240 million c/m water flow from Sevan, he added that if the law is empowered, we will lose 30-40 cm in five years.

“Sevan is not a water basin, we can’t open and close, we haven’t created it, God created it,”- today he reminded.

According to him there are people for whom level fall is beneficial, for example for coastal economies, and also the state is not ready, as when water level rises, there will be need for moving roads, wires as well as economies.

The ecologist is sure that positive standard won’t remain.

“If Vorotan and Arpa-Sevan don’t work, will you depend on weather?”- he asked and added that Sevan will start turning into swamp.

He thinks that annually fifty thousand tons of fish breeding is also vital for Sevan. “Tons of artificial food will be poured into Sevan, so Sevan is undergoing trials,”- calls the ecologist.

In defense of Sevan yesterday the ecologist took part in the march in Sevan and he regrets to say that the population there was very passive.”