Sociologist: Serzh Sargsyan would find simpler and shorter ways to transfer power to Kocharyan

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan does not agree with the opinion that by appointing Hovik Abrahamyan as Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan is slowly transferring power to [second president] Robert Kocahryan. “Should Serzh Sargsyan want to give power to Robert Kocharyan, he would find simpler and shorter ways,” says the sociologist.

“Let us not forget that when Robert Kocharyan came to power, the Republican Party was already there and Kocharyan simply became its leader and when he left, the second leader [Serzh Sargsyan] remained in his place,” said Adibekyan.

“Serzh Sargsyan was well aware of the party’s activities; he participated in the decision-making process and signed numerous agreements and contracts when he still chaired the National Security Council. Today we do not see a potential successor next to Serzh Sargsyan which was not the case during Kocahryan’s term. This is a serious issue,” he said.