Artur Baghdasaryan: How can I reach an agreement with a man who says he is quitting politics (video)


“They ask me how I wanted to become Prime Minister with six lawmakers. There were not six of us, we had 76 people,” Chairman of the Country of Law Party (OEK) Artur Baghdasaryan said on Friday.

Talking to reporters in Yerevan, Baghdasaryan wished success to the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) in its future initiatives. At the same time, the OEK leader said that [former prime minister] Tigran Sargsyan’s resignation was belated.

Artur Baghdasaryan does not think that constitutional reforms are a must today.

“I do not think that he [Serzh Sargsyan] initiated the constitutional changes for himself. We are good friends but each of us has his visions and our paths are different,” Baghdasaryan said adding that he will criticize all wrong actions of the authorities, with the exception of new prime minister [Hovik Abrahamyan].

I shall keep contact with my former colleagues as I am a member of the CSTO Academy. I shall not call for Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation; he has already announced that he will step down at the end of the second term,” said the OEK leader.

Artur Baghdasaryan did not exclude that he might run for presidency in 2018 though he says ‘a lot of water will flow by then.’

“They say I have reached an agreement with the authorities. How can I agree with a man who said he is going to quit politics?” he said.