Arthur Baghdasaryan resigns as secretary of National Security Council (video)

Today I am announcing my resignation as a secretary of the National Security Council. The decision is conditioned by the developments in the country, Chairman of the Country of Law Party (OEK) Artur Baghdasaryan said on Friday.

He says there are five reasons for his resignation – Serzh Sargsyan’s recent statement on the need for constitutional reforms when Sargsyan said he would not run for presidency for a third term, the fact of constructional reforms, Constitutional Court’s ruling on the mandatory funded pension reform, resignation of the government and formation of the new cabinet.

“We have decided to choose our path and we are not sitting in someone else’s place in the political domain,” said Artur Baghdasaryan.

He said there will always be mistakes and there will be time to correct them, and his party joined the coalition to prevent bloodshed.