Rudolf Kharatyan says he is not affended (video)

Rudolf Kharatyan is no longer the general choreographer of the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre after A. Spendiarian. He says the ‘salvation of the theatre’ is more important than his job.

“We gathered in a small group and decided that I should resign. Now I am free choreographer. This is the best solution,” he says.

Disagreements between Mr Kharatyan and the creative group of the theatre emerged about two years ago when the choreographer decided to check the qualifications of dancers. Rudolf Kharatyan partially blames the current situation at the theatre on people outside the theatre.

“They are seemingly cultural figures, in fact, they want to take culture to the political domain, which is very sad. They decide things and dictate the course of actions, but there is no vision because they are limited and have never traveled outside Armenia,” said Mr Kharatyan.

The chorographer continues to say that he wants to bring the Armenian ballet to the international level “to the level of Grand Opera, New York City Ballet.”

He also stresses the role of Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan in salvation of the Armenian theatre. “I am afraid to say that his advisors are narrow-minded people who have little or no notion of ballet, who have never seen ballet performances beyond Armenia.”

The Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre after A. Spendiarian is now facing financial difficulties, says Rudolf Kharatyan. “For example, they allocated 600 million drams for the opera Aida, 400 million drams for the ballet Spartak (Spartacus), and 40 million drams for Romeo and Juliet. Where should they know which performance is better? The money allocated for Aida could be spent on staging ten operas…”

Mr Kharatyan says he will not leave Armenia, and will continue to fight for the salvation of the Armenian ballet: “I cannot be offended by my country, by the people who collected signatures against me, no, never… If they knew my intentions, of course, they would follow me,” he said in conclusion.