Employees of locomotive depot in Gyumri hold a warning strike (video)

About 80 employees of the locomotive depot of Armenia’s Gyumri city held a two-hour warning strike today morning, Chairman of the Gyumri-based Asparez club, Levon Barseghyan, told A1+.

He says a month ago, the employees applied to the administration of the South Caucasus Railways (SCR) with a demand to better working conditions at the depot.

“They submitted a letter with 12 claims to the SCR Director General Victor Rebets. Though Rebets answered the letter, but he did not satisfy their demands. Displeased with the response, locomotive drivers and assistants addressed a letter to the Director of the CJSC. The employees complain that they have received less payment, besides the company has removed the 50-percent additives for long service,” said Mr Barseghyan.

He says that the group warned Victor Rebets about the warning strike 14 days ago.

“If the demands are not met, the workers will start an indefinite strike,” said Levon Barseghyan.