Armenians in Poland remember Genocide victims

The Armenian community in Poland held a commemoration event on Thursday to pay tribute to the Armenian Genocide victims. The events to mark the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey were organized by the Council of Armenian Organizations in cooperation with Armenian Apostolic Church in Poland.

As usual, numerous Armenians and Polish gathered outside the Church Holy Mother of Angels in Warsaw where they observed a moment of silence for the Genocide victims. Then the group headed to the Turkish Embassy in Poland waving Armenian flags and carrying posters that condemned the Turkish government that carried out the massacres in 1915.

Several representatives of the Armenian community made speeches outside the Embassy, presenting their claims.

Afterwards, the group went to Armenian Grove where a mess was served near the Armenian cross-stone for the peace of the victims’ souls. The participants laid a flower wreath at the cross-stone and held a candlelight vigil.