D. Harutyunyan: Turkey will really recognize the fact of genocide: Pastinfo

“I have no doubt that Turkey will recognize Armenian Genocide. Be sure that the day is close that Turkey will really recognize the fact of Armenian Genocide.” In the conversation with the journalists noted RA Government staff new head- Minister David Harutyunyan, who was at Genocide victims Tsitsernakaberd complex on the 99th anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

According to him the issue isn’t on the legal platform, it must be political: historical facts are undeniable and political will is left to recognize it.

D. Harutyunyan stressed that “we are to strengthen our country for facing all our problems. It is the homeland of all Armenians. Alas, it is small but we must develop it. It will be the best tribute to the memory of millions of victims,”- noted Government staff head-Minister.

D. Harutyunyan doesn’t agree that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s announcement is a change.

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