Let’s save Sevan until it is possible: march

The Armenian Government is giving two lethal strikes to Lake Sevan at once: RA Law “On Making Amendments to RA Law “On state complex program on the recovery, preservation, reproduction and natural development and usage of Lake Sevan ecosystem” has been submitted for the approval of the National Assembly, which says the water outlets from Lake Sevan will increase by 40% within 5 years, while the lake will start decreasing and waterlogging. “Complex Program for Recovery of Trout Reserves and Fish Breeding in Lake Sevan” was approved, which says that annually 50,00 tons of fish will be bred in Lake Sevan.


The experts consider the government’s statements ‘bluff’, as it says that added water outlets will serve the needs of Ararat Valley villagers, if the reserves of Ararat Valley are properly managed, the statutory water outlets of 170 million cubic meters from Lake Sevan are sufficient.

The villagers can’t irrigate their field, as water using companies make them get water via pumps and pay for pumping.

The villagers, who use artesian water, don’t need any water from lake Sevan.

While fish breeding project in Lake Sevan will make Sevan:

• Get 50,000 tons of forage full of nitrogen, phosphorus and GMO

• Dead and ill fish in cage nets

• Medications need for fish treatment.

“SOS Sevan” initiative calls all to take part in this warning march aimed at saving Lake Sevan. The march will begin at 12:00 on 25 April from the oval square of Sevan Town, Gegharkounik Region, in the direction of Sevan-Hrazdan canal across Sevan-Yerevan highway. The protest demonstration will continue in Yerevan at 11:00 on 28 April in front of the National Assembly.


“SOS Sevan” initiative