SDHP announcement

The announcement of Social Democrat Hnchakian Party Armenian department

Dear compatriots, today is the 99th anniversary of Armenian Genocide, one of the most villainous crimes in human history. One and a half million Armenians were killed by Turkish state only for their national identity. Turkey killed our compatriots, deprived them from their homeland and property. In spite of the unprecedented crime, modern Turkey, as the direct successor of the Ottoman Empire, doesn’t recognize what happened, what’s more, keeps Armenia in the blockade, is always a threat to our national security. Turkey continues its anti-Armenia policy also on the international arena inventing new machinations against our nation.

In this situation SDHP, which has fought against Turkey’s anti-Armenian policy for more than 127 years, is sure that one day official Ankara will confront its own history, will condemn all the crimes of his ancestors and will compensate for them.

SDHP reaffirms that Armenian- Turkish relations can change only if Turkey accepts the undeniable fact of genocide and takes responsibility of all the villainous deeds. Otherwise, Armenians will continue the trial until final victory.

SDHP Press service