Erdoğan did not say new things in his statement, says Turkologist (video)

In his Wednesday statement to mark the 99th anniversary of the Armenian genocide carried out by the Turks in 1915, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed the “shared pain” endured during those events and expressed “condolences” to Armenians around the world.

“There is nothing new in the statement of the Turkish official,” says Turkologist Gevorg Petrosyan.

“The content of the statement is preserved, only the format has changed. Turkey continues to insist that both Armenians and Turks suffered great losses during the 1915 events and it is one of the hazards of World War I. in his statement, Erdoğan did not separate Armenians,” he said.

The Turkologist says the statement is addressed to the Armenian people and the international community.

“In fact, Turkey is preparing for 2015 and will not be sufficed with mere statements. This is only part of a package which is still to come. They are going to make much more serious statements,” said Gevorg Petrosyan.

He says Armenia should demonstrate ‘an attacking posture.’

“It is time we transferred the issue to the legal domain and appealed to international courts,” he said.