Verjine Svazlian: The only witnesses to the crime are people (video)

Doctor of Philological Sciences and ethnographer Verjine Svazlian, the author of the book “The Armenian Genocide: Testimonies of the Eyewitness Survivors” has compiled in the book collections, records and interviews of the memories of eyewitness survivors, records of oral conversations with former inhabitants of the Western Armenia, as well as Armenian and Turkish songs. Overall, there are 700 testimonies in the book.

“I have worked for 55 years and encountered many difficulties.”

“I have tried to find Genocide survivors in Armenian communities of different countries as well as in Turkey. In Turkey, I collected more than 40 testimonies in a nursing home. People were afraid to talk. Those who talked, experienced everything anew. In Egypt, I met the oldest genocide survivor who was born in 1874,” says the author.

The book published in 2011 can witness the exposure of one of the biggest crimes of the 21st century, she said.

“The only witnesses to the crime are people who have experienced all the suffering on their own skin. If a Nuremberg trial is held in connection with the Genocide issue, the court should definitely rely on the testimonies of eyewitness survivors mentioned in this book,” said Verjine Svazlian.

In 2003, the book was translated into Turkish.