“Karen Karapetyan does not pretend to any office”

As usual, the name of lawmaker Karen Karapetyan is speculated among the potential candidates for top offices.  Karapetyan’s Office has issued a statement refuting the allegations.

“While we consider it natural that Karen Karapetyan is in the focus of attention, we would like to inform you that Mr Karapetyan does not pretend to any position at this moment. Many are aware of this. Karen Karapetyan follows media reports and discussions on social networks and thanks everyone who views him as a suitable candidate for this or that position, at the same time stressing that this atmosphere of trust suggests greater responsibility and binds him to be more useful in his work…

Karen Karapetyan has never sought any top position, hence, he will not agree to assume a position unless he is convinced that he will be able to change anything in the country with his modest capabilities.

Finally we do not think that the primary problem in this country is the appointment of officials,” reads the statement.