A smiling or changing capital? What is left from Armenian capital (video)

Tourists arriving in Yerevan nowadays see very little of the Armenian capital.

Architect Anahit Tarkhanyan says when one draws parallels between modern-day Yerevan and that of the 30-50s, one will find a lot of changes between the bright and expressive architectural features of the old city and today’s eastern-style city.

While we strive to bring Yerevan closer to modern European cities, we are continually distorting its image, losing even the narrow and cozy streets of the city that gave unique mystery to the Armenian capital. Irreversible are especially the green zones which were as vital for the city as air and water.

“Yerevan Productions” company seems to have found a unique formula to beautify Yerevan. Its director Eduard Ayanyan says they have a number of ideas to create ‘a smiling capital’ which should be carried out step by step. These small steps will change people’s attitude towards the capital and the capital itself.