Hovik Abrahamyan introduced new Minister of Economy Karen Chshmarityan to staff (video)

Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan today introduced the newly-appointed Minister of Economy, Karen Chshmarityan to the Ministry staff.

The head of the Armenian government thanked former minister Vahram Avanesyan for joint work and collaboration and said in the future Avanesyan would use his knowledge and experience for the development of Armenia.

“Karen Chshmarityan has extensive work experience in government and parliament. I am convinced that he will use his experience and knowledge to solve the existing problems in the country.  Each Cabinet member has definite tasks and duties. First of all, they should proceed with the reforms that are already in process. We expect you to demonstrate great efforts and vigor so that we can solve the problems faced by the country with joint efforts,” said Hovik Abrahamyan.

He also wished Karen Chshmarityan fruitful activity in his new office.