French Armenian schoolchildren visited the municipality

Paris region Alforteville city St. Mesrop school elementary school graduating class 18 students visited Yerevan Municipality, then toured in Yerevan History Museum, listened to the historical reviews about the foundation, past and present of Yerevan.

In two language Armenian school, where the obligatory program is in French, all 200 students of the school learn Armenian.

“It is already a tradition that in graduation year the classes come to Armenia as pilgrimage. There are many pupils, especially in mixed families, where Armenian isn’t their spoken language, they learn Armenian in school, study the language of their homeland. Our school pupils visit Armenia with pleasure and today have come to the municipality and Yerevan History museum with great excitement,”- noted Alforteville city St. Mesrop school director Sirarpi Kosoyan.

In memory of the visit to the municipality and Yerevan History museum, the pupils were given capital sightseeing illustrated books by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan.

Yerevan Municipality Information and Public Relations Department