Davit Harutyunyan, President of the Liberal Democratic Party (video)

Today Liberal Democratic Party founding congress took place, during which party’s rule and program concepts were affirmed, political council and party’s president were elected.

On Liberal Democratic Party congress Davit Harutyunyan was elected president. Newly appointed president announced that the party will raise primary concerns of the people.

“From the beginning the ideology and objective of the party was the creation of such political union, which will find clear solutions and will suggest real mechanisms for the issues of the country,”- he noted.

According to the words of Davit Harutyunyan, the core of the party is the youth, who are concerned of the future of Armenia. He stressed the goal of their party is to benefit the development of Armenia.

“There are many problems in our country, unemployment and migration are increasing,”- said Davit Harutyunyan. Liberal Democratic Party president assures that they can realize the intentions and ideology of the party.

By the way, party president refused answering journalists’ questions noting that they will organize press conference and will answer all the questions.