ARF may enter the coalition (video)

If ARF suggestion consisting of seven points is fully accepted, ARF is ready to take over full responsibility. Today announced NA ARF party head Armen Rustamyan, “We demand the implementation of seven points, and today we remain an opposition.”

If the Government accepts those seven points, will ARF be a part of coalition? “It is possible and it isn’t the first time we have said it,”- noted Armen Rustamyan.

“We clearly spoke about the need of full government change, of course people’s change is needed, who aren’t able to implement system changes,- said ARF party head.- We must be sure that after people’s change the system change will take place, which won’t repeat the same. We say it based on our experience. We have seen that people were changed but there weren’t system changes, and the nation remained unsatisfied.’

Details in the video