The Ministry responded to “A1+” investigation

Responding to the issue raised in “A1+”  video , hot line was opened in Ministry of Environmental Protection. Today in the conversation with “A1+” noted the Ministry’s Public and Information department head Armen Vardanyan turning to water issues of Gegharut river presented in the video.

We note that according to the residents of Aragatsotn region Aragats village, the river’s water is muddy, has sulfur color and is worthless both for irrigation and animals. As a main reason the villagers note the negative influence of “Vacuflo” and “Elcas” HPPs.

Mr. Vardanyan noted that he gave a relevant order to Environmental Protection Ministry’s environmental state department to study the issue.

“Patterns will be taken from the river and if there isn’t need for laboratory testing, the results of the study will be published in 1-2 days. The work of HPPs will also be studied,”- noted Environmental Protection Ministry Public and Information department head.