Are the genes of the buried in Karmir blur and our genes identical: DNA will clear it (video)

“In Karmir blur area no road will be built until the tombs found there aren’t fully explored,”- today during the meeting with the journalists announced Cultural and Historical Heritage Research Center Director Hakob Simonyan.

“Still in last year for easing Yerevan transport overload it was decided to build a bypass road near Karmir Blur area. The area was examined for organizing the road construction. It turned out that a significant part lacked cultural layers and in another part the tombs were found.

The excavation started on August, as a result of which many cultural values were found, after which we agreed with the municipality and Eurasian Bank, that the road won’t be built until the last tomb isn’t explored,”- he said.

Mr. Simonyan stresses the importance of the fact that the excavations will give opportunity to clear who lived there, “Their origin is possible to find out due to DNA. We have already sent some DNA to Copenhagen.

It can clear out what connections the buried had with each other. Later through DNA we can find out if the genes of the buried in Karmir blur and our genes are identical or not.”

The speaker had difficulty to say the date of new excavations, “I try to hurry, as I know the road must be built next year, we can’t waste our time,”- he summed up.

By the way, on April 16 “Of the tracks of History” exhibition was opened in Yerevan History museum, where the artifacts from 30 tombs of Karmir blur were exhibited. The exhibition will last until the end of April.