Expert says cases of ceasefire violation may increase (video)

More shots have been heard recently on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Expert on Azerbaijan Sargis Asatryan says Azerbaijan has been regularly violating ceasefire as it is concerned that the recent events in Ukraine and Crimea might be repeated in Azerbaijan.

“This can be explained by geopolitical changes: Armenia and Azerbaijan will appear in various poles, besides, Armenia is going to join the Customs Union which is perceived as a threat by Azerbaijan,” he said.

With the shots, Azerbaijan is trying to divert the attention of its citizens and make them concentrate on a common enemy – Armenia.

While the expert anticipates an increase in ceasefire violations, he excludes the possibility of a war.

Sargis Asatryan says the visits of international observers do not reduce violations, just on the contrary, shots become more frequent after their visits.

“Unfortunately, international observers do not give an adequate response to these violations. We are seriously concerned about the silence of the international community and observers,” he said.