Dem em civil movement holds awareness-raising campaign in Yerevan communities (video)

The movement protesting against the funded pension law in Armenia today held an awareness-raising campaign in Yerevan’s Kanaker-Zeitun community. In this fashion, members of Dem am (I am against) civil movement want to inform citizens of the disputed provisions of the pension law.

“About 70-80 employers do not deduct money from employees,” the group said during the meeting with the community residents.

The group calls on citizens to resist provocations and pressure and not let deductions be made by government-funded or privately-owned organizations.

Many of the community residents approached the group members to express their support to the initiative.

“Justice will always prevail and help our people who are in a desperate state. We shall fight till the end,” they said.

The group will hold similar awareness-raising campaigns in other communities as well.