Non-governing quartet not interested in system change – Aram Sargsyan (video)

Hovik Abrahamyan should be given time and opportunities to demonstrate himself as Prime Minister, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Armenia Aram Sargsyan said on Monday.

He says the newly-formed government should first of all present a report on the activities of the previous cabinet. “People should eventually know what the government has done with the $2.8 billion loan and what reforms they have carried out.”

Aram Sargsyan does not believe that the cooperation of the four non-governing forces will yield any results. “New parliamentary elections are needed to make changes in the country. It turns out that the aim of the opposition quartet is to replace Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan by Hovik Abrahamyan. If they really wanted to take actions they would not announce April 28 as the start of these actions and give authorities time by then. Three of the four forces have participated in the creation and establishment of this system. So why should they want to uproot this system?”