Turkologist calls attention to Turkey’s ambiguous policy

Every time Turkey talks about the developments in Crimea, I immediately think about Cyprus. We know that part of Cyprus – the northern regions of the country – has been under Turkish military occupation since the Turkish invasion of 1974, says Turkologist Gevorg Petrosyan.

“Only Turkey has recognized what it calls Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Today, Turkey, for some obvious reasons, condemns Crimea’s annexation by Russia. Now that Ankara calls for justice and urges the sides to observe the international law, it should be reminded about its occupation of Cyprus,” Mr Petrosyan said adding that the two conflicts have some similarities. “If we go further, we can even remind Turkey about the Karabakh issue though this conflict differs from the two ones.”

“I am not discussing the legality of Crimea’s annexation, but I am trying to draw everyone’s attention to Turkey’s ambiguous policy,” said the Turkologist.