Tigran Karapetyan: Do not expect good things from Hovik Abrahamyan (video)

I am not going to discuss the steps of Arthur Baghdasaryan because he does not deserve my comments and interpretation, Chairman of the People’s Party Tigran Karapetyan said regarding the decision of Baghdasaryan’s Country of Law Party (OEK) to quit the coalition government.

“Now he decides to join the coalition, then he decides to quit it. It does not matter whether this is an opposition or pro-government quartet, quintet or trio. They are all the same. They seem to be blackmailing each other that they will join the ranks of the opposition forces. But in fact, the opposition supports the country’s authorities,” he said.

Asked whether his People’s Party was an opposition force, Tigran Karapetyan said, “You are asking such an interesting question; of course, it is. But unlike other opposition parties, we are a true opposition; we have not received apartments on Northern Avenue.” He did not give any names, saying everyone knew whom he meant.

Speaking about Armenia’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, Mr Karapetyan said people should not expect ‘good deeds’ from him. “Serzh Sargsyan gave him the Cabinet and said ‘head it’ and now Sargsyan is thinking about the three remaining years of his tenure. Why should you expect good things from someone who has done nothing for our people during these years? Do not expect anything good from them because it is the president who makes decisions in Armenia without asking people’s opinion.”

Tigran Karapetyan does not believe that civil movements will produce tangible results unless people form a popular front.