Vladimir Putin signs law to ease Russian citizenship for migrants

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified the law on amending the Federal Law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” and several legislative acts of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin reports.

The Federal law was passed by the State Duma on April 4, 2014 and approved by the Federation Council on 16 April, 2014. It envisages a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in the territory of the Russian Federation and recognized as native Russian speakers. The new procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship can be used by foreign and stateless citizens speaking fluent Russian and regularly using it in their family, at home, in social, cultural and other spheres, and whose lineal ancestors have earlier permanently lived on territories of the Russian Empire or the USSR.

No renunciation of foreign citizenship is required if it is enshrined in the international treaty of the Russian Federation or if waiver of another citizenship is impossible due to reasons beyond the person’s control.