What if one takes money and leaves?

First Secretary of Armenian Communist Party Tachat Sargsyan welcomes the meeting of new Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan with “I am against” young people, if the step wasn’t populist, “If that step was populist, it wouldn’t give results. In all cases it is pleasant that the authorities are together with the people,”- ACP First Secretary Tachat Sargsyan told “A1+”.

We remind that yesterday Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan visited Baghramyan 26 and listened to the demands of “I am against” young people.

Tachat Sargsyan doesn’t understand and condemns our authorities’ behavior connected with Mandatory Funded Pension system.

He thinks that this system will have the same fate as 90s’ deposits and that the money won’t be returned:

“It is unknown what will be after 30 years, what kind of relations there will be, it is possible that then they say that someone took the money and left the republic,”- summed up ACP First Secretary Tachat Sargsyan.