“I am against”: “Matsoni is white, and it is not a topic for discussion”

“I am against” doesn’t believe in the promises. “No one is going to discuss whether matsoni is white or black, it is white, and it is not a topic for discussion. There is the CC decision and no one is authorized for discussions or compromise, it is definite,”- says initiative member Arsen Manukyan.

“I am against” demands to implement the CC decision. “Our demands are clear, only if CC decision provisions are implemented, we will stop our fight,”- says initiative member Mane Tandilyan.

She adds that the movement will be consistent and they will continue demanding to return the deductions made on January and February.

David Manukyan stresses if the Government doesn’t implement that demand, they won’t take part in new draft discussion.

“Let them satisfy our demands and after that we are ready to develop a new law together,”- he said.

According to the members of “I am against” they are going to have an action on April 28. The public will be additionally informed where it will take place. On April 28 the Pensions Law changes will be discussed in the NA.