HHK member: OEK raises its image

By leaving the coalition, OEK wants to raise its image. Thinks NA new deputy Lernik Alexanyan.

“If it has fair position, and if the approaches are fair and moral, it is not excluded that the oppositional position will result in its image,”- today in the conversation with the journalists noted HHK deputy.

Turning to three OEK Ministers, who left the party, Mr. Alexanyan noted, that the party must be over everything.

“But as they haven’t been OEK members before, so the Government accepts and appreciates their work,”- noted HHK council member Lernik Alexanyan.

He doesn’t exclude that by this step OEK is getting ready for 2017 Parliamentarian and 2018 Presidential elections.

Alexanyan thinks that it is good that HHK is alone, as HHK will take all the responsibility.

Turning to the appointment of Hovik Abrahamyan as Prime Minister, Mr. Alexanyan remembered that once they worked together, Mr. Abrahamyan was governor, and he was vice governor.

“Hovik Abrahamyan has organizational skills and experience. In this situation we need such person,”- he noted and assured that in the near future the society will see it.