International conference in Yerevan

The RA NAS Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute organizes international conference on the topic “The Caucasian front of the First World War: genocide, refugees and humanitarian aid.” The conference will take place in the new build conference hall of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, on April 21-22, 2014 at 10:30.

During the conference leading specialists from Armenia, Russia, Italy, Canada, France, Poland and the USA will make speeches.

During the conference the reporters will turn to the call-up of Armenians organized in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, their disarmament, genocide of Armenians by the Young Turk government, Pan-Turkism network operations, the activities of foreign journalists, Armenians’ self-defense battles, the role of diplomacy of countries in war, testimonies, Armenian voluntary movement, Armenian refugees and the issues concerning the survivors.