Hovik Abrahamyan talks to protesters, says their demand is not reasonable (video)

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, who arrived at the presidential palace a couple of minutes ago, has talked to the members of Dem am (I am against) civil group who are protesting their against the funded pension reform.

The protesters presented their demands to the newly appointed prime minister.

“Our citizens continue to receive letters from the Central Depository of Armenia. We request that the automatic selection of funds and fund managers be suspended and the monthly deductions made from January and February salaries be recounted,” said the group members.

Hovik Abrahamyan said he was aware of the group’s concerns.  “I do not want the conversation to be held in the street. As you see I have made the first step by coming here to meet you. You should believe and trust us and understand that each question, when complicated, should receive a solution,” said Hovik Abrahamyan.

The group members demanded that Hovik Abrahamyan ensure that no deductions will be made from salaries against employees’ will.

“This is not an issue to be discussed in the street. Please, do not speak to me in the language of ultimatums, we are not your enemies, I came here because I respect you. It is not reasonable to ask me for a reply just now,” he said.

The prime minister reminded that the Government will propose a relevant draft law to the legislature during the upcoming four-day session of the National Assembly due on April 28 and promised to present the draft bill to the pressure group by then.

“I shall not disappoint you,” Mr Abrahamyan said adding that he liked to deal with clever people.

The group has started a march to the Opera House.