Republican MP: Angels work in Armenian Customs Service (video)

After Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union construction companies in Armenia will be able to participate in construction tenders announced by the CC member countries, says a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

Manvel Badeyan, a representative of Armenian business circles, is glad that such prospect opens for Armenian companies.  However, he says the Union will cause problems for importers. “This will be felt by those who import Chinese goods as customs duties will be raised. the prices of meat and automobiles will also go up.”

Another important problem that importers will be faced with is the Russian Customs Service. Corruption risks will be high and there will be delays connected with customs paperwork.

“If we compare the traditions of Armenian and Russian Customs Services we can say that the people employed in Armenian Service are merely angels,” he said.

The Republican MP says there are over 30 Customs Unions in the world. “The European Union is a type of Customs Union and one day Armenia will definite join the EU,” he said.