HHK lawmaker explains why coalition governments split

The Country of Law Party (OEK) used the reputation of the Republican Party (HHK) to receive votes, says HHK lawmaker Manvel Badeyan. He is not sorry about OEK’s quitting the coalition government.

“It was clear from the very beginning that they could not solve issues with their three ministerial portfolios. The party’s representation in the government was very low,” said Mr Badeyan.

The HHK lawmaker does not exclude that the OEK might cooperate with the non-governing quartet but he says the cooperation between the forces will be fragmentary.

“I always wondered how coalition governments could survive if one of the parties had an overall majority. I’ve never understood the presence of different ideologies in our government. It is not accidental that these coalitions eventually collapse as they are unable to solve any issue,” he said.