Narek Galstyan: Whether it is a quartet or quintet, it will not heal the wound (video)

The change of one official cannot result in positive changes and mitigate the situation in Armenia, says Narek Galstyan, Chairman of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHK).

He says systemic changes are needed to achieve positive results.

“If the government and the opposition continue to serve the interests of oligarchs, there will be a social explosion which will directly affect ordinary people,” says the SDHK leader.

He says there is no need to expect great changes from the new Prime Minister [Hovik Abrahamyan] as the logic of policy pursued by Armenia prime ministers has been the same throughout years.

“The key actors of the non-governing quartet are the Armenian National Congress and Prosperous Armenia Party who will not sharply criticize the Abrahamyan-led government – something they did overtly during the term in office of Tigran Sargsyan,” says Narek Galstyan. “And if they say something bad, they will do it for their own sake.”

Asked whether the opposition quartet is ready to accept the Country of Law Party (OEK) in its ranks, the SDHK chairman said, “Whether they accept the party or not, it will not heal the wound.”