The four can become five (video)

Dashnaktsutyun refused becoming a part of coalition government with the Republicans, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t join the Republicans from the course.

Dashnaktsutyun party head Armen Rustamyan says, “We will be an opposition until suggested 7 points are wholly implemented.”

Dashnaktsutyun members will wait. No partial reform. Minimum 3 points must be fully acceptable and applied for the governing majority- 100 percent proportional electoral system, power counterbalancing mechanisms and control levers.

Dashnaktsutyun is ready to take full responsibilities with the Republicans in the future government, gaps are excluded, the Republicans are to say what they are ready to do with Dashnaktsutyun, “People, positions, all these are considered future topics for discussion until we don’t know what to do together.”

The Republicans still resist, but they have understood, if they want the support of Dashnaktsutyun they must take into consideration the suggested issues. By the way, today Mr. Rustamyan turned to OEK’s becoming an opposition.

According to him there is nothing strange that since today OEK and Dashnaktsutyun have become an opposition. If OEK applies, it will be taken in the four and they will become five, “For example now we take an initiative to hold extraordinary session where pension reforms issue will be discussed. If OEK comes and wants to sign, can we say no, don’t sign it? Let them sign, also the Republicans.”