Serzh Sargsyan on Twitter

Today Serzh Sargsyan accepted “Tumo” council member, Deputy Director of Twitter Raffi Grigoryan, who came into Armenia with the invitation of Tumo Center for Creative Technologies.

Stressing the importance of IT sphere developments in Armenian economy, Serzh Sargsyan considered the success of our compatriots in that sphere very good and guiding for the young people. He stressed the importance of cooperation development, experience exchange and consultation with Armenian IT specialists.

Raffi Grigoryan presented his meetings during his visit including the meeting with IT specialists. According to him, the meetings give hope, as there are inspiring examples of field developments, which make IT sphere development in Armenia promising.

President staff informs about it.

By the way, Raffi Grigryan posted his photos with Serzh Sargsyan on Twitter.