“Hovik Abrahamyan used his powers for group interests” (video)

The coalition formed in 2003 was disastrous for Armenia, as it contributed to the weakening of the opposition, announces public speaker Karine Hakobyan, “The spheres were divided between the parties and the opposition almost disappeared, and the spheres were given to the parties for use. In Armenia the coalition is always formed for weakening the opposition, it is the fact. So OEK’s withdrawal must be welcomed independent of the reasons.”

Mrs. Hakobyan turned to the appointment of Hovik Abrahamyan as Prime Minister and said, “He must still prove the society that he deserves the position. Though nothing can be changed with old names. The reforms are dependent on the fact who will be next ministers.”

“Against legal anarchy” NGO head Larisa Alaverdyan already knows Hovik Abrahamyan and his activities, “Hovik Abrahamyan, being an official, used his powers for group interests.”

Mrs. Alaverdyan spoke about OEK’s withdrawal from the coalition. She thinks that OEK’s step is an imitation of opposition formation. Human rights defender presented OEK’s political decisions in anecdote form.

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