The government is slowly destroying: politician (video)

“There is panic, crisis in the Government. The government is slowly destroying, and Arthur Baghdasaryan’s withdrawal is an element of that panic,”- noted politician Ervand Bozoyan turning to the internal political situation and added, – as a result of efforts of four non-governmental powers the government is destroying, as a result of pressure of four non-governmental powers Tigran Sargsyan resigned. The Government had to do it for preventing the complaints, which were coming.”

According to the politician, if Arthur Baghdasaryan is intended to help Serzh Sargsyan by such steps, he won’t be able, as his ranking is very low.

Ervan Bozoyan doesn’t hurry to say that the four will become five with joining of Arthur Baghdasaryan.

“OEK still has time to be rehabilitated. It must work, to present clear estimations, to prove that it has been changed and to apologize. We are Christians, we are tolerant, and if person says that he apologized, whoever he is, he must be forgiven.”