Russia averts Maidan in Armenia – Tigran Khzmalyan (video)

To say that the Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volinkin has made an obscene phrase would mean saying nothing. This is the policy the Kremlin has been carrying out in recent months, says film director Tigran Khzmalyan.

This came after Volinkin said Russia would intervene in the internal affairs of its friendly countries.

“Any attempt of aggressive intervention under the pretext of introducing alien ideas to us will be thwarted. If we are considered a friendly country by Russia, does it make Kremlin believe that our nation has no right to protest against an oppressive government? This is the same fear that the Kremlin Maidan created in Russia,” said the film director. “The Kremlin understands that authorities in Armenia no longer solve issue in the country, and therefore hinted that they can use force. This will drive our authorities into agony.”

Tigran Khzmalyan says Armenian officials did not react to the Russian diplomat’s statement as they lack national dignity.