Paruyr Hayrikyan: Is there anyone who beleives Serzh Sargsyan? (video)

Constitutional reforms conflict with the interests of the state, says Chairman of the National Self-Determination Union Paruyr Hayrikyan.

The latter says he is not interested in the political process in Armenia. He is more interested in the goals scored by Henrik Mkhitaryan than the appointment of a new premier or the negotiations of the non-governing forces. Today, the politician preferred to speak about the constitutional reforms.

“If approved, the provisions will reduce the role of the Armenian people. Only hostile forces who are ill-disposed to their people could dream of such ‘ideal’ reforms,” he said.

Speaking about Serzh Sargsyan’s recent statement that he will not run for presidency for a third term, Mr Hayrikyan said, “Is there anyone here who believes Serzh Sargsyan? One day Serzh Sarsgyan speaks about the importance of joining the European Union, the next day he decides to accede to the Customs Union. He cannot run for presidency for a third time.”