Authorities in Armenia are playing checkers – freedom fighter (video)

Freedom fighters in Armenia do not pin great hopes on the newly-formed government. They do not believe that political prisoners, including their comrade-in-arms Volodya Avetisyan, will be freed.

“Volodya was put in prison by Sezh Sargsyan and his myrmidons. We do not expect radical changes from the new government. Anyone who follows the trial will understand that they have trumped up charges against Volodya Avetisyan and this is nothing but a show,” said Gagik Sarukhanyan, coordinator of the group campaigning n defense of arrested colonel Volodya Avetisyan.

Gagik Sarukhanyan says they will continue the struggle until they achieve justice. He also reminds that a number of international institutions admitted the fact that Avetisyan is a political prisoner.

Speaking about the appointment of parliament speaker Hovik Abrahamyan as prime minister cannot be considered ‘reshuffle’ but ‘it shows that the authorities in Armenia are playing checkers while Turks are slaughtering our compatriots.’

He also drew the authorities’ attention to the grave social conditions of the families of freedom fighters, who fought in the Artsakh liberation war.

Volodya Avetisyan, an active participant of protests held by Karabakh War veterans, was detained on September 20, 2013, on suspicion of receiving $2000 from an official of the Ministry of Defense for assistance to release an Armenian citizen from military service.