The bullets by the enemy ignited in the houses: bombardments on the border

Today Tavush region Aygepar community children didn’t go to school and kindergarten. The village head didn’t allow. From the bullets fired by Azerbaijanis the school and the kindergarten were partially damaged, “The bullet entered from kindergarten window and there is damage inside,”- he said.

In Aygepar the bullets damaged also gas pipes. Though at the moment gas supply is restored in the village.

Aygepar community needs fire extinguishers. Community head Andranik Aydinyan informed “A1+” about it. According to him, yesterday Azerbaijani side bombarded the village for 5 hours. The bullets entered the houses and ignited, “The fire enters the houses, ignites, people extinguish it, fire fighters can’t come to the village at that moment, if there are fire extinguishers, we can protect ourselves,”- says the head of Aygepar.

He also noted that bombardments caused 5 million AMD damage to the village, “Many windows have been broken, furniture has been damaged- one’s sofa, another’s toilet,”- noted village head.

The enemy also bombarded Nerkin Karmraghbyur village. According to community head Manvel Kamendatyan, the village has financial damage and now the amount of the damage is being defined.

Mr. Kamendatyan is angry, media don’t visit their community, they only call, “If there are shootings, all call but no media comes to see what is going on,”- stresses the head of Nerkin Karmraghbyur.